Of the countless essentials we rely on during the cold winter months, our furnaces are arguably among the most indispensable. Unfortunately, far too many homeowners ignore the warning signs of a furnace that’s on the brink of failure. As a result, many find themselves scrambling frantically at strange hours in an attempt to have their furnace repaired as quickly as possible. It’s a frightening scenario that rarely happens at a convenient time, and yet, it’s one that can often be prevented by simply knowing what to look for.

Signs That It’s Time to Replace an Old, Outdated Furnace

Discovering that your furnace needs to be replaced is never pleasant, however the process will be considerably less stressful when it’s done on your terms, and not in the middle of a frigid winter night. Here are just a few of the main signs that it might be time for a new furnace:

  • Older furnaces that have been requiring more and more repairs
  • A noticeable and gradual increase in your home’s heating bills
  • Visible signs of excessive aging, including rust or cracks
  • Unevenly heated rooms throughout your home, or cold spots
  • Unusual vent or furnace noises that have intensified over time
  • Humidity problems that don’t improve with humidifiers or dehumidifiers

At AV Enterprises Heating and Cooling, one of our foremost goals is to educate Rochester area homeowners on what to be mindful of when it comes to their older furnaces. In many cases, simple repairs can resolve a wide range of issues. But when the time does come to replace it, knowing who to contact can make all the difference. If you’re in the Rochester, NY area and concerned about your older, outdate furnace, get in touch with AV Enterprises Heating and Cooling to learn more or schedule a furnace inspection.

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