AV Enterprise technician servicing heating unit in residential basement

The last thing you want to deal with when the temperature dips into the single digits is furnace failure. By calling AV Enterprise for maintenance in the fall, before you’re desperate for warmth, you’ll know your equipment is ready for winter. Regular service uncovers potential problems, providing time to order replacement parts if needed. The heating specialists from AV Enterprise will keep your equipment in peak condition year after year, lengthening lifespan and ensuring continued comfort.

The process of burning fuel to produce heat must be precise to ensure safety. Improper gas connections are a fire hazard and can cause health problems. Gas leaks and dangerous carbon monoxide levels can result from minor problems. Rather than take chances with the health of your family, schedule service from AV Enterprise. Our HVAC professionals will inspect all connections, gas pressure, burner combustion, and heat exchanger.

Benefits of Heating and Furnace Service

Clean equipment operates far more efficiently. Cleaning, tightening connections, lubricating, and testing controls all help your system to perform smoothly, minimizing operational costs. Dirt is the biggest threat to your furnace’s efficiency, longevity, and heating power. As dirt infiltrates the cabinet and builds on interior components such as the air handler, heat exchanger or motor, friction is created, causing stress and spikes in energy usage. Dusty motor bearings and pistons may result in screeching noises and acrid smells, a telltale sign of motor burn out. Dust can also restrict airflow from the air handler, clog filters and prevent ignition because of a lack of oxygen.

The efficiency of your heating system and the comfort it supplies are directly influenced by the design, quality and condition of your HVAC ductwork. Dirty ducts may lead to serious health problems for people with respiratory conditions and allergies. When contaminants clog the system, it is forced to work harder to maintain ideal temperature. As a result, more energy is wasted. We’ll inspect all connections for proper seals to prevent air leakage. Conditioned air, leaking into unheated spaces, can add hundreds of dollars a year to your heating bills. Maintaining your heating unit’s venting system is also critical to healthy indoor air quality.

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Preventative Maintenance for Your Heating System

With preventative maintenance from the experts at AV Enterprise, your heating equipment will last longer, cost less to operate, and deliver greater comfort more efficiently. You’ll experience fewer repairs, enjoy quieter operation, and healthier indoor air quality. At AV Enterprise, we make annual tune-ups convenient, affordable, and rewarding. Call us at (585) 202-8587 for comprehensive service in Webster, NY.

We can be reached by phone at 585-202-8587 or via email by visiting our website’s contact page.